Megan Taylor, from Nottingham, is the author of three novels, ‘How We Were Lost’ (Flame Books, 2007), ‘The Dawning’ (Weathervane Press, 2010) and ‘The Lives of Ghosts’ (Weathervane Press, 2012), as well as a collection, ‘The Woman Under the Ground and Other Stories’ (Weathervane Press, 2014).  Megan’s short stories have been placed in several competitions; recently she made the shortlist of The Brighton Prize 2017 and the Walter Swan Prize 2017-18.  Further stories are available or forthcoming in various publications including the Dark Lane Anthology (Volumes 6 and 7) and Neon.  She is also working on her fourth novel.

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Writing prompt: It might be helpful to keep a dream diary, or use a recurring dream for this exercise. Start with the dream. What details do you remember? It might be an orange skirt, or a house with big windows. Now imagine that your character is living out this dream. Create a puzzle for yourself to work out by writing a story asking key questions how and why?